The species living in ITU Ayazaga Campus were recorded at the ITU BioBlitz 2023 event, which was organized for the second time this year by the ITU Biodiversity, Conservation of Ecosystems and Sustainable Use Commission. Students, volunteers and expert academics from different universities identified more than 400 different flora, fauna and fungal species with more than 1800 observation records at the "ITU BIOBLITZ 2023" event held as part of the World Biodiversity Day. Although ITU Ayazağa campus is located in the center of the city, it attracts attention with its diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity. Our campus, which is very rich in terms of plant diversity, has not only endemic species such as Sweet Pea (İstanbul nazendesi) living in and around Istanbul, but also Black Sea region trees such sessile oak, pedunculate oak and Hungarian oak and many species such as evergreen oak, spartium, spruces and phillyrea which represent the Mediterranean flora. 160 different bird species have been recorded on our campus, which also has rich shelter and feeding areas for birds. As the ITU Biodiversity, Conservation of Ecosystems and Sustainable Use Commission, we continue to work with different projects to increase awareness about biodiversity and to protect biodiversity.