People can visit all campus areas by filling out the "ITU Campus Visit Form". ITU also offers high school students and their families to visit our campuses as a group. Furthermore, student clubs organize public events within our campuses, including open and green spaces. Furthermore, many campuses have many social facilities that have public access such as cafes, kiosks, sports facilities such as tennis courts. Maslak campus includes a natural preservation site that includes a lake, which can be publicly accessed. Also, Maçka Campus works as a city Campus, therefore includes pedestrian access except in the buildings.

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Nature walks at ITU Ayazağa campus, a green paradise among skyscrapers, will take place on April 29-30 and May 5, 2014 between 16:00 and 19:00, accompanied by TEMA education department Scientific Committee coordinator, butterfly and plant observer biologist Esra Ergin, TEMA Education department team, ATLAS Photographer Umut Kaçar, Istanbul Bird Watching Society members İhsan Eroğlu and Dilek Geçit and other plant, butterfly and bird observers. As ITU Ecology Club, we draw attention to the biodiversity of our university with an outdoor photography exhibition on May 22, World Biodiversity Day. Simultaneously with the nature trip, identification and photographing of species will be provided with the contributions of the students of our club, amateur photographers of our university and professional photographers we will invite. With hundreds of photographs that we will exhibit during the week of May 22 in the open area, sometimes under the trees, it will be the first university biodiversity exhibition in Turkey. ITU Ayazağa Campus has 650,000 m2 forest and 40,000 m2 green space, with a great diversity of living creatures, and is a hidden garden in Maslak district, the business center of Istanbul. The 20,000 m2 pond among the ITU forests both increases biodiversity and provides water for various bird species. The photo exhibition will include all plant and bird species observed in ITU forests and all nature lovers from Istanbul will be invited.


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