"In line with the incentives made by Istanbul Technical University in the field of 100% renewable energy, our university hosted events such as the electric vehicles summit, smart grids event, nuclear energy and future seminar, nuclear reactor technical tour and national nuclear research university workshops.


Electric Vehicles Summit

Starting Date: 13 March 2021, 12:00

Location: Online Platform



Electric Vehicles Summit, the first and only comprehensive event of the Electric Vehicle Industry, is being held for the fifth time! The Electric Vehicles Summit, organized by the ITU Electrical Engineering Club, will be held online this year, accompanied by the presentations of people who are familiar with the electric vehicle technologies, investments, studies and latest developments in this field. On March 13, 2021, they invite business people, academics, students and anyone who is interested in the sector to their youtube accounts.

At the Electric Vehicles Summit, the current potential of electric land vehicles and their role in our future lives, their use in the defense industry; Many important topics such as autonomous vehicle technologies and rail systems will be examined by speakers from leading companies in the industry such as TEHAD, Anadolu Isuzu, Borusan Otomotiv and ASELSAN. In addition, the use of Industry 4.0 and lot technologies in the electric vehicle sector, which is increasingly followed by wider masses today, will be discussed.

URL: https://ari24.com/etkinlik/elektrikli-araclar-zirvesi-4862



Smart Grids


Date: 06 November 2021,

11:00 Location: Online Event




The Electrical Engineering Club brings together speakers, students and participants working in this field in the country and abroad every year at the Smart Grids event on November 6th.


URL: https://ari24.com/etkinlik/akilli-sebekeler-5529




“Nuclear Energy and the Future” Seminar


Date: 03 April 2021, 19:00

Location: Online Event


On April 3, the Electrical Engineering Club will talk with Zeyneb Zamakan about the developments in the field of nuclear energy, the importance and place of nuclear energy in general production in the future.


URL: https://ari24.com/etkinlik/nukleer-enerji-ve-gelecek-zeyneb-camtakan-5062


Technical Trip to The Nuclear Reactor

Stating Date: 13 April 2021,

15:30 Location: ITU Energy Institute


The Electrical Engineering Club organizes a technical trip to the nuclear reactor on the ITU Ayazağa campus, on Wednesday, April 13, at 15:30, accompanied by Zeyneb Camtakan, a graduate chemist from ITU Energy Institute.


URL: https://ari24.com/etkinlik/nukleer-reaktor-gezisi-5836



ITU Energy Institute - National Nuclear Research University Workshops


Hosted by the Energy Institute, workshops on various subjects on nuclear energy and radiation sciences are held twice a year by the faculty members of the Russian Federation National Nuclear Research University (MEPhI).

The seventh and last workshop, chaired by Asst. Prof. Dr. Senem ŞENTÜRK Lüle, was held online in February with the participation of academics and students from various universities in Russia and Turkey on VVER technologies, the nuclear reactor type water-cooled pressurized reactor built in Akkuyu took place.

Thanks to the bridge established through a workshop with MEPhl and Saint Petersburg and Kurthocov Institute in Russia, graduate and doctoral students of our institute will be able to benefit from Saint-Petersburg University Erasmus+ K-107 program and exchange program in radiation and nuclear energy engineering.







Speed and Energy Optimization of Solar Electric Car Project

in both electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles with electric motors has increased considerably. The types of electrical energy in electric vehicles continue to increase according to the way of production and storage. Many teams and companies, such as the ITUGAE team, develops vehicles that obtain electrical energy from different sources. The energy source in the vehicle made by ITUGAE is the Sun. Although these vehicles are not designed for everyday use, they are designed and manufactured for the purpose of participating in competitions. Batteries are a key part of electric vehicles and are the most expensive component (batteries account for more than a quarter of the total cost of the vehicle). The amount of energy that batteries can store determines the range of electric vehicles. Today, larger batteries are used to increase the range of electric vehicles. In this case, energy efficiency decreases as the weight of the vehicles increases. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to prepare the infrastructure and determine the method for a program that will enable a solar car to reach the desired point in the fastest way by making optimum use of the amount of energy available during both the track race and the long road. In this project, the road model, load model, engine model, solar cell model, and battery model of the vehicle were extracted in MATLAB - Simulink environment. By examining the models, the available data and vehicle losses were investigated. Comparisons were made with real-time data. Along with these examinations, a program was developed to determine the strategy through offline data obtained from the vehicle and then with the data obtained during the long distance or track race, which would give the optimum speed to be reached. The coding of this program has been completed. More accurate estimations will be made by using the data obtained by increasing the test drives of the vehicle in the future. In this way, it is aimed to ensure that the program adapts quickly to the situation changes in the race, and to make maximum use of the existing battery and to bring success to both ITUGAE and Turkey.



  • https://bapsis.itu.edu.tr/ASProjeArama.aspx

    Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee System Software Project


    Electricity generation from renewable energy sources brings many benefits in reducing environmental air pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preventing dependence on specific energy sources and foreign sources. It also provides economic development and new employment opportunities in many manufacturing and construction sub-sectors. For this reason, road maps and targets for increasing installed power, annual production amount, and the percentage of renewable energy-based power plants in general production are widely determined and implemented nationally and internationally. Our country has left many world and European countries behind with its renewable energy installed power and investments. For many supporting mechanisms which can be utilized in the installation and operation phase of electricity generation technologies from renewable sources, which cannot be commercially profitable without exceptional support, the investment rate of return is too long in current market conditions, and investors do not show enough interest due to uncertainty or concerns about future incomes. For this purpose, purchase guarantees, price guarantees, tax exemptions, credit guarantees, and tender systems have been used since the 1970s, and green certificate applications have started to be preferred after the 2000s. ARE Engineering Consulting Education and Foreign Trade Inc. (ARE Engineering) will create an infrastructure in which each 1 MWh of electrical energy produced by renewable energy plants and supplied to the national electricity grid will be certified and recorded through blockchain technology. Then the processes from production to consumption of the relevant electricity will be monitored. In this way, the complexity of certificate tracking in distributed systems, the prevention of errors through a shared registration system, and the everyday use of issued certificates between various countries will be ensured by blockchain technology. In the model designed in the project, an Organized RES-G market business has been designed. In which the market operator allows the registration of the parties that are market participants within the Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee (RES-G) System, the certification processes, and the trade of the RES-G Certificate.

Participants included in the RES-G System will also be able to trade RES-G Certificates for energy production in over-the-counter markets.