Laws and regulations followed by ITU are given on the website below.

As a public university, ITU conforms to National Laws on Crime, Corruption, and Bribery.

All employees have an obligation to REPORT PROPERTY and are subject to the law with respect to bribery and corruption. The non-faculty employees, who constitute the administrative structure of the University, are subject to the STATE OFFICIALS LAW No. 657.

University administration and management are checked with the INTERNAL AUDIT system within the University, and legal compliance is revealed because of financial audits.

In addition, the University Personnel forming the ACADEMIC staff are subject to the Law of YÖK (Directorate of Higher Education), and the "INTER-UNIVERSITY BOARD SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION ETHICS DIRECTIVE" is used for corruption and unethical situations of academic staff:

ITU is purchasing services such as "Turnitin", to prevent plagiarism. Please see the link for detailed information.



ITU has lectures on scientific research using ethic methods. 180 students joined the “Scientific Research, Ethic & Seminar” lectures and 27 students joined the “Academic Integrity and Citation in Literature Review” lectures. At the completion of the course a survey was carried out to measure the attendees’ knowledge.