ITU provides public access to its museums, exhibition spaces, galleries around its campuses. Artifacts from ITU’s long history is being displayed all year around and exhibitions with various themes are opened time to time.

ITU Museum has opened recently in the ITU Rectorate Building. During the opening the Rector gave a speech about the 250th year of ITU. Stating that the priceless treasures of science are exhibited in the ITU Museum, the rector said that in this museum, not only will one witness the 250-year journey of ITU, but also will have the chance to watch the scientific adventure in these lands.


Turkey's first diesel engine which was produced by our graduate Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan and his friends between 1953 and 1955 at ITU Engines Institute is displayed in the museum.


The "astrolabe", designed in Andalusia and lost for a long time, is also exhibited at the ITU Museum.

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ITU faculties are house to countless artefacts. Therefore, the history of engineering in Turkey is conveyed to students in many ways.

The corridors of Department of Geomatics Engineering is utilised to display some of the historic gadgets and technical drawings:

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ITU Geological Engineering Faculty building hosts the "Ihsan Ketin Natural History Museum". The museum includes the “Darwin 200” exhibition and collections of many fossil species. The museum can be visited by anyone upon appointment as indicated on the Museum Webpage.


In ITU Taşkışla Campus (Architecture Faculty), works of art and artifacts are exhibited annually at the beginning of the semester. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the exhibitions were organized online in 2021. Lastly, in the Gumüssuyu Campus (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), whose roots date back to 1773, the collection reflecting the history of technology used in the faculty is exhibited in the corridors. All these can be visited by anyone upon appointment via the "ITU Campus Visit Form". Taşkışla Campus became one of the locations where the Istanbul Biennial 2022 was held. Also, the online events has been held publicly such as the different seminar series in the Faculty of Architecture.


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