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ITU's Open Courseware initiative is a forward-looking program aimed at making high-quality educational resources freely accessible to learners worldwide. By providing open access to a diverse range of courses and educational materials, ITU strives to promote lifelong learning, foster global knowledge sharing, and support the pursuit of academic and professional growth. ITU offer a diverse range of online courses and provide free access to lectures through ITU AKE (Open Source Education) YouTube Channel.


ITU’s inhouse course system NINOVA has also open courses for everyone to join.


For those interested in exploring ITU's 25 Engineering Undergraduate Programs accredited by the ABET EAC (www.abet.org), ITU offers 'LABs-facilities virtual tour VIDEOS.' These videos include narrated (in English) lab tours, lab safety procedures, and more. Anyone can find 123 videos on one of ITU's dedicated YouTube channels, all of which are publicly accessible through ITU’s open-access YouTube PLAYLIST link.