Health Institutions of ITU

In the polyclinics in our Ayazağa Medico-Social Center, 1st step diagnosis and treatment services are provided during working hours, and transport services are provided to the surrounding hospitals with 1 Patient Transport Ambulance.


In our center, 2 Practitioners, 1 Dentist, 1 Psychologist serve on a permanent basis, and 1 Dentist works on a contractual basis. In addition, 1 Specialist Nurse, 1 Nurse, 1 Laboratory Technician, 1 Emergency Medical Technician, 3 Paramedics, 1 Ambulance Driver, 1 Radiology Technician, 2 Office Clerks, 2 Patient Registrars, 1 Dentist Auxiliary Staff and 2 Cleaning Staff serve.


In our center laboratory; Complete Blood Count, Sedimentation, Complete Urine Assay (TIT) and Blood Glucose measurements are made. However, in our Center; Services such as EKG shooting, dressing, suture removal, serum insertion, injection, fever, pulse and blood pressure measurement are also offered.

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Students access to health-care services

ITU Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center, we share some recommendations to protect our psychological well-being and increase our psychological resilience.

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For ITU Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center please visit:

Our Universtiy’s Psychological Counseling Center provides services for sexual and reproductive health-care. Moreover, our Health Service branch provides several reproductive care services.

The students and staff have continuous access to mental health support in the Center.