Electric Vehicle Summit by ITU Electrical Engineering Club

ITU hosts the Electric Vehicle Summit annually since 2016. Presentations are made to the participants about the studies on electric vehicles in our country and other countries and their future expectations.

Officials from the leading companies of the sector, those who are considering investing in this field, engineering students and academicians are brought together on the same platform.

The students of ITU Electrical Engineering Club broadcast the event which you can watch through the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHX06huwrvE&list=UUOMFj6w5oKKsI9aKwMOi8Zg&index=3


With the Contribution of ITU Energy Institute a certificate program is organised. The training program is aimed to eliminate the lack of knowledge of those who want to work in the energy sector and the technical staff working in the sector, to have information about new regulations and current practices on renewable energy technologies with the contribution of ITU Energy Institute. RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES CERTIFICATE PROGRAM content is given in the document.

Renewable Energy Technologies Certificate Program

The energy sector is expected to grow exponentially both in the world and in Turkey. Since it is seen as a sector that will determine the growth and welfare levels of countries, it gains importance among the popular professions of the future.

With this training program, it is aimed to eliminate the lack of knowledge of those who want to work in the energy sector and the technical staff working in the sector, to have information about new regulations and current practices on renewable energy technologies.

The training aims to provide the participants with detailed technical knowledge and competence in the following subjects;

  1. Wind power
  2. Hydroelectric Energy
  3. Solar energy
  4. Geothermal Energy
  5. Biomass Energy

    Renewable Energy Education Content

    • Classification and Comparison of Wind Turbines
    • Key Factors in Utilizing Wind Energy
    • Formation of the Wind
    • Global and Local Winds
    • Basic Calculation Methods
    • Planning a Wind Farm
    • Key Factors in Region Selection
    • Offshore Wind Farms
    • Topology of Wind Turbines
    • Wind Atlas
    • Installation Stages of a Wind Turbine

      Hydroelectric Energy

    • Basic concepts
    • Hydroelectric Energy in the World and in Turkey
    • Classification of Hydroelectric Facilities
    • Elements and Working Principles
    • Basic Principles of Hydroelectric Power Generation
    • Environmental Impacts
    • Transmission Facilities and Design Criteria
    • Free Surface Conduction (Transmission), Sedimentation Tank, Loading Chamber
    • Pressure Transmission, Balance Chamber
    • Penstocks
    • Turbine Types and Selection
    • Feasibility Analysis of Hydroelectric Facilities and an Example

      Solar Energy

    • Solar Irradiance, Measurement and Energy Potential Calculations
    • Solar Cells, Types, Modules, Temperature and Radiation Corrections
    • Energy Production Calculations
    • Photovoltaic Power Systems, Components and Characteristics
    • Selection and Sizing of Components in Photovoltaic Power Systems
    • Design of Grid Connected and Discrete Systems and Critical Issues in Design

      Geothermal Energy

    • Terminology
    • Geothermal Energy in the World and in Turkey
    • Usage Areas of Geothermal Energy
    • Types/Characteristics of Geothermal Reservoirs and Fluids
    • Generation and Reservoir Performance of Geothermal Reservoirs, Modeling
    • Problems Encountered in the Operation of Geothermal Fields
    • Development and Projecting of Geothermal Fields

      Biomass Energy

    • Basic concepts
    • The Situation of Biomass Energy in the World and in Turkey
    • Biomass/ Renewable Energy Legislation Incentives
    • Biomass Resources
    • Biomass Cycle Technologies
    • Gasification Process Types and Chemistry
    • Systems Used in Biogas Production
    • Design Parameters of Biomass/Biogas Plants
    • Planning of Licensed Biomass/Biogas Plant
    • BES Network Integration
    • Usage Areas of Biomass / Biogas and By-Products


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