We work together to ensure Accessible ITU. The applications carried out in this context are listed below:

·       The pavement layout works for the visually impaired and physically disabled people in 2014.

·       Roads and landscaping adapted to the location of the trees.

·       Employment of visually disabled and wheelchair employees in the Disabled Unit located on the Ayazağa Campus based on the philosophy of "Accessible Life".

·       Structure Campus with an understanding of "accessible life" with employee experiences.

·       Supporting the employment of the disabled by opening a "Down Cafeteria" within the university campus of Turkey.

·       Establishment of Turkey's first "Textile Design Center for the Disabled" by the Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design in order to encourage the design of special clothes for people with disabilities and to find solutions to these problems.

·       Collaboration with the Prestige Club under the title "Accessible Life" philosophy and identifying areas on campus that may cause difficulties for people with disabilities.

You can visit https://engelsiz.itu.edu.tr/ for more information on Accessible ITU applications.