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Our Academicians in the Community


Our University is deeply committed to educational outreach activities and community engagement. These initiatives are aligned with our university's vision of promoting sustainability and making education accessible to all (https://kalite.itu.edu.tr/hakkimizda/kalite-belgeleri/kalite-belgeleri-politikalar/toplumsal-katki-politikasi).

From summer schools to volunteer education programs, teacher academies, and collaborative projects with different organizations, we are actively contributing to the educational development of our community.


ITU Foreign Languages School academicians were giving seminars lectures to high school about “How to Write a Scientific Paper".

ITU has established protocols with the Turkish Ministry of Education (MEB), facilitating active involvement of ITU academicians in various educational initiatives. These include participation in the education programs of ITU MTAL High School and ITU Music Middle School, where ITU academicians engage in both administrative and teaching roles through seminars. In 2022, a total of 310 students at the high school benefited from the educational contributions of ITU academicians. (https://itumtal.com/)


In September 14, 2022, Our Rector, Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, took the podium for the "First Lecture" and emphasized that ITU MTAL is not an ordinary high school but operates under the ITU umbrella. During his presentation, he discussed the significance of the concept of "sustainability" for high school students. Prof. Dr. Koyuncu noted that today, we are transitioning from a "recycling" economy to a "circular" economy, emphasizing the need for humanity to focus on not producing waste in this context.


Additionally, our departments host a wide range of seminars accessible online, open to anyone interested. Some notable examples include the ITU Faculty of Mines Seminar Series, ITU Astronomy Days, and more.



Furthermore, the ITU Continuing Education Center offers educational opportunities to the general public on diverse topics:




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