1) Turkish undergraduate students are admitted to our University according to a Central Placement Exam. So, there are no limitations based on gender or religion, or any other criterion during undergrad students’ Admissions with Turkish nationality. Besides, international student candidates with the highest Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or alternative exam Scores are accepted at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, applications of the international candidates are accepted, where no predetermined quotas are reserved for any of the countries. Turkish graduate candidates are also accepted where any gender-based limitation is applied. Public website link is given as Evidence.


Sustainability Office ITU: https://sustainability.itu.edu.tr/itu-anti-discrimination-and-anti-harassment-policy


2) Sustainability Office Workshop/ Accessible and Barrier-Free University Campus Commission ITU


Within the scope of sustainability, short, medium and long-term plans were made as a commission. As a commission, it is aimed to create projects within the scope of the university.

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3) Directive on the Against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination


ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this directive is to support and seek solutions for sexual harassment and discrimination against academic, administrative and contracted staff and students working full and part time in Istanbul Technical University and its affiliated units.


(2) This directive regulates the purpose, fields of activity, duties and working principles of the ITU Board for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.


4) ITU published its Gender Equality plan to ensure reduced inequalities. Please see the link for the plan: https://sustainability.itu.edu.tr/sustainability-office/gender-equality-plan