ECOMOD is a mini electric vehicle that gains different functionality thanks to its modular structure. The KODECO team, which has significant industrial design, R&D and prototyping experience and international awards in its field, aims to commercialize ECOMOD quickly for imports. Considering the diversity of needs of target markets such as transportation, logistics and F&B service, many optional components have been designed and developed together with the common chassis and power transmission platform.

ECOMOD has been designed with its potential use in mind, both in campuses such as campuses and in inner-city areas. The vehicle complies with the L6e class light vehicle classification in terms of engine power, weight and speed limitation and was developed in accordance with the specification criteria.

Depending on the ECOMOD production configuration, it can be used for passenger transportation as well as serve as a special cargo transportation, technical team and coffee/ice cream mobile service vehicle.

There are energy management solutions that differentiate ECOMOD from its peers. Its battery with 4kWH storage capacity is plug-and-play and has easily replaceable Li-ion battery technology. Thanks to the developed rail mechanism and automatic connection socket, the battery can be replaced with a full spare battery in seconds. Thanks to the easily replaceable battery system, the weight of the vehicle's battery has been reduced and thus a significant cost and energy efficiency has been achieved.

Thanks to the PV platform that can be optionally integrated into the ECOMOD ceiling, it can produce its own energy. Thanks to the use of high efficiency monocrystalline silicon cells (22%), an energy gain of 500W is achieved. This energy can be stored in the vehicle's battery as well as powering any electrical equipment for sound system, F&B heating/cooling or technical service purposes.

ECOMOD project, which was also entitled to receive TÜBİTAK 1507 R&D grant support, is in the prototyping phase and a launch presentation will be made at the end of the year.




ALGAE BIODIESEL not only ensures the use of waste for a sustainable future, but also installs the technology that will reduce your carbon footprint for you. The company treats your wastewater with the help of microalgae, regardless of domestic/industrial, and then produces carbon neutral biofuels and chemicals from the same biomass. The company, which also performs the absorption of carbon dioxide in the flue gas during production, makes a great contribution to emission reduction. Fuels produced for the fuel and aviation industry in line with sustainable global goals are seen as an important step towards reducing exhaust emissions.




BenzinLitre, the initiative that come out 7 months ago, has reached more than 30 thousand users with its vision of "entering the most accurate station, not the first station you see", and it ranks first in the word gasoline in the Appstore and in the top 20 in the navigation category.

With user-based data sharing, you can find the most suitable gasoline, diesel and autogas prices, the closest stations, and when you touch any gas station in the application, you can see the prices as well as the in-plant features of the station. You can easily access information about the station's opening hours, market, restaurant, coffee, auto-tires, toilet. Thanks to BenzinLitre, consumers can save up to 50 TL for tank filling, and also have the opportunity to discover the best resting facilities, trucker-trailer parking areas. With its vehicle add feature, insurance offer and emergency roadside assistance button, BenzinLitre offers a solution for the issues that users may need in their entire road experience! The algorithm that will offer you smart choices on your route with the create route feature will be at your service very soon. Electricity and CNG fuel type and stations are among the new features to be added to the application.

Thanks to the competition it has brought to the fuel industry and the different advertising tools it offers, the application, which has made agreements with many brands in a short time, contributes to the digital transformation of the energy sector. It enables brands to see the effect of digital spending on sales at stations in detail and easily, while keeping track of fuel purchases that take place offline and in real life.

The BenzinLitre team stated that they want to expand to Europe after the Turkish market and that they are looking forward to adding the stations at the Germany-Turkey line and border gates to the application.



“It is an energy sharing network developed with blockchain for electric and autonomous vehicles. Car4Future enables electric vehicles to transfer their energy to other electric vehicles and recharging units. HOUSE. Owners can earn money and it becomes easier and simpler to recharge your battery. Here is the Car4Future charging cable E.V. It has flexible equipment with replaceable socket heads and even the wireless pad head can be connected to any unit, home socket and other E.V. It allows you to get energy from. The software platform is powered by nearby E.V., which is willing to sell you its energy. It creates the ecosystem to find Not only can you get energy from other electric vehicles, you can see all nearby charging units, reserve them, plan a route where your battery won't drain, and find any energy source from any source during your trip.


Car4Future, which develops energy sharing network and energy transfer equipment developed with blockchain technology for electric and autonomous vehicles, became a BIG BANG entrepreneur in 2019. Its founding partners are OĞUZHAN SARITAŞ, KUTLUHAN HAKAN and DOĞU CAN SEYİDOĞLU.”



Our Bio Aerator product, which we developed to protect clean water resources, saves 300-400 tons of water per year in every tap used. It has the feature of being a first in the world with its raw material content. For the first time in the world, it is a nature-friendly product besides saving with the bio plastic raw material obtained from olive pits. Our company is an organization established with the aim of protecting the clean water resources of our country and all the countries we can reach. Let's protect our future. "LET'S PROTECT OUR WATER"


Enwair, which started its operations in 2015, serves in the energy sector. Within the scope of this project, it is aimed to develop high-capacity silicon-based anodes for electric vehicles. Enwair took its place in the market with its silicon-based anode electrode product, which was commercially launched in Turkey and in the world for the first time.

Its expert staff consists of young engineers and technicians who are prone and competent to today's dynamics, who have master's and doctoral education, energy production, energy storage and energy materials.

Enwair won 70,000 TL OİB Special Award and 30 thousand TL Monitise Special Award at İTÜ Çekirdek BIG BANG 2015.


Evana smart radiator valve is a smart radiator valve that replaces the old heater core valves and allows to control the temperature of each room separately from the phone. It has been certified by the tests carried out in ITU laboratories that it saves up to 30% natural gas.

Evana was one of the foyer initiatives at Big Bang 2019.


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