Measurement /track pay scale gender equity


This measure aims at developing evidence-based policies for gender equality in the University and to monitor the implementation of the policies on gender equality by assuring gender-disaggregated data collection at all levels. One of the objectives of the Gender Equality Plan of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is to establish monitoring, evaluation and evaluation mechanisms and to compare gender equality (Section 5). In this context, it is directly followed through the monitoring method implemented in the gender equality plan (Section 5.2). Furthermore, ITU adheres to Government Code 657 for wage regulations, ensuring full gender equality in pay scales. According to Article 45 of this code, “No civil servant may be employed outside of his / her class or in the position of a degree below his / her class.” It is not possible to have any practice outside of the equal pay policy, and the salaries determined for employees are monitored by the treasurers to ensure they are not underpaid.