1.4.2 Local start-up financial assistance

Our university provides several financial assistance to the local community assisting the start-up of sustainable businesses. The entrepreneurs applying to the TÜBİTAK BİGG (Individual Young Entrepreneurship) Program for a business grant are accompanied by expert trainers and mentors from ITU Cekirdek in the work plan preparation process. Additionally, the start-ups admitted to ITUÇEKİRDEK can use the 800 m2 open office located in ARI 3 (Technocity in İTÜ) building in Maslak free of charge as a work office. They also benefit from special opportunities such as discounts, subscriptions or free use in many areas that will facilitate their business processes, such as cloud systems, payment systems, accounting or social life support. With Express, which is positioned as a faster pre-incubation period, in addition to the ITU Cekirdek pre-incubation opportunities; entrepreneurs can meet ITUCekirdek stakeholder institutions and organizations faster, meet with investors earlier and give less share options for pre-incubation services.


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