Public access to sport facilities of ITU

The Physical Education Department of ITU organizes the Summer Sports School. This year it was held between June 20 and July 29 for the age group 6-12. Please see the link for details: http://beb.itu.edu.tr/haberler/2022/05/30/2022-yaz-spor-okulu

Our university provides several shared sports facilities with the local municipality, local people from the surrounding, local community and with local schools. Our university gives Capoeira, pilates, yoga and zumba courses also available to public.  Our university provides swimming pool and gives lessons to children and for adults open for public usage.

Our university also provides sport school of basketball and football. Our university is a venue for Barça Academy (which is a football school that aims to teach students between the ages of 4-14 about football with the philosophy and values of Barcelona Football Club) 

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Continuing studies for a healthy life at ITU are listed below:

Renovation of Indoor Sports Hall

A large-scale renovation work was carried out in the Indoor Sports Hall located in the ITU Ayazağa Campus; grandstands, dressing cabins and all wet areas have been renewed.

Establishment of Basketball, Beach Volleyball and Tennis Courts

A tennis court and a beach volleyball court were built in the open area in front of the 75th Year Cafeteria. The stands were renovated and the basketball court was also rearranged. With the new lighting works carried out in the tennis courts, beach volleyball and basketball complexes, the centers are still able to serve in the evening hours. Palm trees were planted around the beach volleyball court as a result of the meetings with the officials of Dolmabahçe Palace.

Renewal of Astroturf

As part of the campus renovation works of our Rectorate, a carpet pitch was built in the area known as the "soil field" located in our Ayazağa Campus. The land, which has been a dirt field for a long time, has turned into a situation that allows you to enjoy sports. Along with the landscaping around it, new pavements, stairs and spectator stands were built around the field. The area around the field is arranged as a walking / running track. Thanks to the lighting work, changing rooms have also been built for the field, which has been made suitable for night use.

Pool Renovation

Repair and renovation work was carried out in the olympic swimming pool located in ITU Ayazaga Campus. Within the scope of the study, all electrical - mechanical installations and pool cleaning system of the pool building were renewed. Following the renovation, it was switched to a cleaning system where the ozone system was used with chlorine. Through this system, the pool, which is used intensively, has been made available to serve in a more hygienic manner. All wet areas in the pool, heating system and ventilation system were also renewed.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Priority at ITU

In order to minimize carbon emissions on campus, the concept of living by bike was adopted. With the completion of the connecting work on the Etiler exit road from the Academic Gate entrance (towards War Academies), a 6 km cycle path was completed in 2016.