1.3.4 Bottom financial quintile student support  


ITU Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School was established in 2019 with a protocol signed between the Ministry of Education and ITU. Recognizing the need for skilled intermediate staff in our country, it imparts the knowledge and experience of ITU tradition to its high school initiative. Financial support is provided to lower-income students to the extent that donations allow.


ITU Vocational and Technical anatolian High School


Additionally, several scholarships are provided. Apart from financial assistance, we provide free health and psychological services to our students free of charge.

ScholarshipsPsychological Support ServicesHealth Services


Annually, the university evaluates students from economically disadvantaged families. They are scored based on their financial need, and those qualifying receive tailored financial support. This aid is not one-off but extends throughout their academic journey, ensuring not just access but successful degree completion. This practice exemplifies our commitment to equal educational access and academic success, irrespective of economic status.