ITU consists of 5 campuses: Ayazağa, Maçka, Taşkışla, Gümüşsuyu and Tuzla. All campuses can be freely visited by anyone filling the "ITU Campus Visit Form" published on the university website contact page. Three campuses, which are Gümüşssuyu, Maçka, and Taşkışla, are the ottoman era heritage and have their unique architectural styles and atmospheres because of their former usage


The Gümüşsuyu campus was the Ottoman military barrack building, Maçka was the Ottoman Empire Era police station building, and Taşkışla was the Ottoman Empire Era Military Medicine building. Taşkışla is currently an architecture faculty. Due to this feature, the Taşkışla campus hosts many exhibitions, seminars, and other events for many people, enabling the improvement of the interaction between academia and the public.


Campus tours targeting high school students and their families are held by the ITU Promotion Office. Furthermore, many campuses have many social facilities that have public access such as cafes, kiosks, sports facilities such as tennis courts. Maslak campus includes a natural preservation site that includes a lake, which can be publicly accessed. In various campuses of ITU different lectures and events are held that welcomes public participation.

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