1.3.2  Bottom financial quintile student success

Our university offers a number of scholarships to students who succeed in the University Entrance Exam, as well as to those who encounter financial challenges during their university lives to make them successfully complete their education. We extend significant support to students hailing from households with constrained financial resources, with a special focus on those navigating economic disadvantages. Our assistance is multi-faceted, comprising need-based monthly financial aid designed to alleviate monetary strains. In addition, we offer meal and dormitory scholarships at no cost to the beneficiaries. In addition to the aforementioned, our institution has instituted a resourceful initiative through the establishment of a recycled store. This facility serves as a nexus between benevolent donors and students, facilitating the provision of essential items including clothing, housing, and kitchen utilities at no expense. This holistic and environmentally sustainable approach to financial assistance is aimed at facilitating an environment where economic challenges do not impede academic progress and ensuring that all students, regardless of their financial standing, have equitable access to education and the requisite resources to thrive academically.

ScholarshipsITU Directive on Scholarships


Students graduated with financial support: https://sustainability.itu.edu.tr/docs/librariesprovider76/sdg-3/1-3-2.xlsx