Employment practice


Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ) is characterized by the decent works that it offers its employees to develop in their working hours, the university recognizes each member of its staff and the union created to protect the rights of other employees, additionally the university has different policies that their purpose is to guarantee each employee their rights. ITÜ has a salary scale in which each worker takes the payment he or she deserves and does not depend on other conditions such as gender, race, ethnicity or disability.




Our Constitution stipulates that the qualifications, appointments, duties and powers, rights and obligations, salaries and allowances and other personnel matters of civil servants and other public officials shall be regulated by law. The financial rights of civil servants are determined according to criteria such as service class, cadre and job title, cadre degree, and educational status.  Employee relations in Turkey are defined by the local labor law “Turkish Labor Law No: 4857”. All ITU employees are employed with a contract that states that the contract is prepared as per the provisions of Turkish Labor Law No: 4857. All the afore mentioned can be observed at the point 8.2.