Campus “Accessible Orienteering” event was held in Ayazağa Campus on December 9, 2022. The event was realised with the coordination of ITU Sustainability Office, Accessible and Barrier-Free University Commission, Disabled Student Unit Coordinator, Women's Studies Centre in Science Engineering and Technology, Cultural Services Branch Directorate and with the participation of our university's Orienteering and Volunteering Club students.

Orienteering is a sport consisting of time-based activities that involve finding directions with the help of maps.

The event is held in cooperation with the stakeholders of our university. The aim was to show that orienteering can be planned under conditions where everyone can participate, by adopting the principles of accessibility and social inclusion, which respects gender equality and does not pose an obstacle.

A New Experience with Accessible Orienteering 3

A New Experience with Accessible Orienteering 2