During the 31 October-4 November Personnel Training Week, ITU Sustainability Office hosted an international event. The cooperation of the Turkish National Agency and Erasmus+ held the event. The participants included representatives of Lisbon Higher Technical Institute, International University of Sarajevo and Santo Domingo Institute of Technology.

During the event, multidisciplinary and interactive presentations were made in line with the actions and targets on the promotion of ITU, entrepreneurship, career planning, business and sustainability.

The program started with the presentation of Hatice Gülben Demir, Head of ITU International Relations Office. Then, a workshop on Turkish Ebru art was held with Elif Sayar, a lecturer at ITU School of Foreign Languages. After the event, a seminar titled “How Do We Inspire Our Students to Think as Entrepreneurs?” was held at ITU GINOVA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center by Deputy Director Zeynep Erden Bayazıt. Prof Dr. Hür Bersam Bolat from business engineering department and Assoc. Dr. Emrah Acar from architecture department presented “An Overview of Project Management Discipline with: EELISA European University Project Case”. Esin Erdoğan, ITU Career Center Event Planning Officer, and Lecturer Mehmet Taş made a presentation on “ITU Career and Internship Center”.

First, the representatives from the guest universities, then the ITU Sustainability Office assistant coordinator and environmental engineering Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ebru Acuner Türet presented information about the sustainability journeys of universities. The completed and planned in ITU for 17 SDGs were shared.

The program was completed after the awarding of participant certificates and individual interviews in between the departments.