Our e-waste, including household appliances, cables, computers and equipment, monitors, and telecommunication equipment, is recycled for earthquake victims in the zero waste project, which was prepared by the cooperation of ITU Zero Waste Club and ITU Environmental Engineering Club.

After the earthquakes on February 6, 2023, ITU continues its support in effected areas. Technological education device support will be provided to earthquake victims, thanks to the e-waste collected with the launched campaign.

Product recycling and evaluation will be carried out with Exitcom, the contracted company. With the income obtained from electronic waste collected by the recycling company, devices such as tablets and computers that earthquake victims need in education will be provided. In this way, students will be able to continue their education. The project also aims to dispose of the e-waste and reintroduce it to the circular economy by recycling or to give the society the opportunity/habit to reduce the ecological burdens.

You may bring your e-waste and learn detailed information at the stands in the MED A Building between 3 – 7 April at 10.00-17.00.